Daniel Shiver on Sabah Vfm

*enough head bang
*enough grooving
*enough socializing
*uhuk-uhuk can't stand smoke
*can't stand alcohol smell
*need freshhh airr..... KYAAAA!!! XD XD XD

Aside from passing GoLife’s farewell gift to Ntwine, the cutest and the loveliest Shenanigan’s band I’ve ever met, kissy-kissy, hugs-hugs and saying goodbye, I am too tired to stay longer last night. Plus, mocha and I planned to meet Dino right after for supper.

OJ and the rest of you Ntwine, I’m sure gonna miss your performance. Good luck in your future undertakings and don’t forget to visit the three sites I gave to you yeah?

Hope to see you guys again in November.


Farewell Party

Ntwine, Me & Tina

Oh-Oh! Ninja Daniel, one of the CSPians became the RTM’s Guest DJ for this week.

Deepen & Lower your voice everyone.... and read the script below:

“Its 15 minutes pass 11 and this is Guest DJ Daniel with you, for the evening news”


No.. he’s not reading the news. But he sounded like one.

“Daniel!!! Energy!!!!”, I said
“…. okokok~" - Daniel

He sounded great at the last ½ an hour. *yey*

DJ Daniel rocking the Studio

Good job ninja!

Guys, the thing about this Ninja is that he has a unique, deep, sexy voice with an american-accent; purrrrrrrfect for the Radio – only that he was a bit shy-shy ninja cat for no reason.

I feel you bro.

Mocha and I stayed till the end; and while the ninja was at it, we played masak-masak outside, laughing hard at Daniel's jokes only the ninja people understand.

As we said goodbye and walked out, suddenly I was pulled by mocha and guess what he showed me at the RTM achievement board.


Guest DJ Competition 2007

I-4-got-ur-name (2nd Runner Up), Me! (1st Runner Up), Julia (Winner),
Abang 1 4-got-ur-name-also (4th place)

Very Uncool Grumpy Judge.... Scary

My Mama! Muaks! Muaks! Muaks!

Cici's sexy back, Nadia, Anata Mars, Rummy Mummy & Julian

During Competition

Ngeeeeeeeee really brings back memory.

So? ^^ Who wants to be the next Guest DJ?

No balls aa?


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