Temptation~ Temptation~

Rina is seriously motivated to join my diet-quest.


I thought she was bluffing. Gagagagaga!

But temptation will always haunt Rina whenever she
goes into Fook Yuen.

“OMG… mango pancake….”, said Rina
“Rinaaaa~ Don’t! Control your temptation” – Me

My sayang paid for our food.

“Ha! Kan best if dapat makan the mango pancakeeeee~~~~”
“Fine~ Fine~”

Jason joined us for lunch.

Ha! Cepat! Pergi belanja saya mango pancake! - Rina
?????”, blurred Jason
Ngaaaa!!!!~ T-T

*This girl aaa… seriously can’t stop hinting*

Gomen Rina~ We must not let the sotong wins his challenge.

“Whattt???? I am not involve in the challenge or whatsoever”

Buahahahaha! Tiada kawan diet sudah~~~ I’m gonna win~~~”,
Mocha teased


*So much for 'I don't want to eat bread for one whole month' Rina*


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